Mental Imagery is used in Philosophy for “hearing with the head” and “seeing with the mind’s eye”, while “Converter” is used in Technology for naming mechanisms that alter the nature of signals. The band’s name comes from blending together both concepts. As Javier Red states; "to become a converter for altering our over-dependence from the world external signals towards perceiving, seeing and hearing inside our minds". Regarding composing and improvising, Javier also states; "Like I think researchers do, our compositions and improvisations are envisioned as a set of small experiments being achieved or re-created within every performance. We began with minimal material whether it is rhythmic, melodic, harmonic; and within these starting points, we expand our music.”


The Chicago-based band consists of musicians with several years of exposure within the international Jazz scene- Javier Red (Piano), Gustavo Cortinas (Drums)-, together with highly demanded musicians already very active within several of the best Chicago jazz/free improvisation musicians; Jake Wark (Tenor Sax) and Ben Dillinger (Bass). The band  moved away from the commonly jazz/ music paradigms towards an internal process based in hearing, repeating and internalizing their music. The band has been very positively received within the Mid-West jazz scene and will release their first album in 2019.